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Chord Scale Generator

Developer pluck-n-play

The Chord Scale Generator features a chord generator, chord finder and scale finder and thus enables ...


Developer CADMethods Ltd

Scale-Ruler simply requires you to enter a dimension length on the drawing and the actual length of the dimension line. Then ...

Scale & Chord Generator

Developer Ken Scott

Scale &Chord Generator is a utility that was developed for helping all people who learn to play different musical instruments. The ...

pH Scale

Developer University of Colorado, Department of Physics

pH Scale is a physics simulation tool made in Java. Thus, it runs in Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux and it requires no installation. All you have ...

Scale Trainer Guitar Edition

Developer eCogNeato Development Company

Samples your guitar through your computers soundcard, determines what notes you are playing, and teaches you 2952 scale, mode, ...

Stamps.com USB Scale Reader

Developer Christopher Workman

Stamps.com USB Scale Reader is an open source application that reads the weight information from your stamps.com scale, whether its ...

Scale Changer

Developer mu-tech

Scale Changer is an application that can play MIDI files with various scales and tunings. This program allows you to change the scale ...

DYMO Scale

Developer DYMO

DYMO Scale is a free program designed to work with the DYMO Shipping scale S series devices. The program automatically ...

DYMO Scale Manager

Developer Sanford L.P. , DYMO

DYMO Scale Manager software is a free software application that allows you to connect your scale to the rates server. ...

Scale Changer Pro

Developer mu-tech

Scale Changer Pro enables you to tune MIDI files and to play by changing the scale. Tuning modified Midi can be ...


Developer Oliver Twesten

ScaleTrans is a Windows application for the comfortable transformation of psychodiagnostic scale values as well as for ...


Developer Southwestscales

ScaleAdmin software has been developed with the purpose of simplify the configuration and programming of your LSQ/TLS ...

Jazz Scale Suggester System Lite

Developer Michael P Archbold

Shows how you can view a cluster of chords with a minimum of improvising scales, enabling you to quickly ...

Guitar Analyzer

Developer Guitar Analyzer Software

Ultimate Scale Mastery - Learn What Fits Into What & Where - Everywhere! Create a clear mind map of what fits into what ...

Ability Integrated Scale©

Developer AbilityBusiness

Ability’s Integrated Scale software is an add-on that provides the capability of reading weights from the ...